2018 ProScale 111-C Digital Pocket Scale (3rd Generation)

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You’ll be happy to be rid of all the guesswork you used to have to deal with in the past when you weigh your small items with your 3rd generation pocket scale by ProScale. The ProScale 111 (also known as the “Snake Eyes” digital scale) was originally released back in 2018 and was top of its class then and now with features such as a large, bright backlit LCD screen; large, easy to read buttons, and translucent body construction to view its inner workings. This pocket scale is the “Limited Edition Clear Scale” expressly because it was specially manufactured to show off its new and improved state of the art technology! It weighs accurately down to the hundredth of a gram, with a maximum weighing capacity of 111 grams. The ergonomic shape also means it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and in cramped, small environments with limited space. Talk about versatility! Keep it with you at all times by throwing it in your pocket, purse, or favorite smoking storage device so it’s always there when you need it, and enjoy the ease of weighing any item you please.

(Are you looking for a pocket scale that is still handy and portable, but perhaps just a little bigger? Check out the Triton T2 Digital Scale from MyWeigh! Or, if you prefer eco-friendly options, the Jennings JSR Eco 400 is made from hemp plastic and weighs up to 400 grams!)

ProScale has carefully refined their already amazing product and made it even more reliable and accurate than ever before. Forget guessing how much to roll in those rolling papers or stuff into those pre-rolled cones and start weighing out the perfect amount of tobacco or legal herb you’ve been smart to store safely in your UV Blocking Stash Jar. Now that you have this handy scale, you can roll the perfect smoke better and faster than ever before! This means you can share your extra rollies with friends. They will be thrilled! Just don’t forget your smoking manners.


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