Lion Rolling Circus Clear 420 Pack



Lion Rolling Circus presents the most intelligent packing size for papers anywhere, the 420 pack!  These 1 1/4 clear papers are 100% cellulose and are gum free, but the best part about this pack, is there are exactly 420 papers in it! No more, no less, exactly 420. Good thing that happens to be exactly how many you’ll need! Each pack contains 420 clear leaves and has 10 packs per box.

420 a few too many? Try the regular 1 1/4 Clear papers by Lion Rolling Circus. 


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SKU lion-rolling-circus-clear-420-pack
Weight 0.02 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 0.75 in
Choice of:

1 Pack, Full Box (24 packs)