Grinders. Once solely used to shred up a users herb of choice for cooking, have become an absolute essential in any smokers kit. Whether you go with the classic Santa Cruz Shredder or opt for a more modern electric grinder, you’ll finally be able to experience the smoothest, most even burns in your bowls or joints.

From the most simple classic two piece, to the most premium 5 piece aerospace grade crusher, you’ve got a wide array of options to choose from and here at Puff Pack we strive to provide you every option under the sun.

So how do grinders work? In most cases, just pack your herb into the top bladed compartment, start twisting, and grab your finely grounded selection from the threaded second compartment. With 4-piece or 5-piece grinders you’ll also be able to open the bottom compartment and scrape out the extracted kief from the kief catcher. Be sure to check out our grinders that have a kief scraper included as well! 

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